How to Approach A Woman in a Group

How to Approach a Woman in a Group

Hey guys,

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to approach a woman in a group.  And it makes sense.  Guys want to learn how to approach a woman, but are hesitant to do so if she's out in a group of people -  especially if that group contains other guys. [Read more...]

I Am Now a Best-Selling Amazon Author!

Get the Girl in 30 Days or Less:  30 Step-by-Step Missions for PUAs, Naturals, and Guys Just Like You

Hey guys!  I'm happy to announce that my new ebook  Get the Girl in 30 Days or Less:  30 Step-by-Step Missions for PUAs, Naturals, and Guys Just Like You to Attract Women and Get Dates is on Amazon and is selling copies left and right!

I'm really excited about this book.  It's something that I've put a lot of time, dedication, and energy into.  As you know, creating products that truly help others is my passion, so I'm thrilled to be able to bring this to the market.  And on of all places!

As I'm sure you've seen, there's a lot of theory in the community.  Why this works the way it does, why that works the way it does.  And that's great.  Theory is important.  But for some reason there really isn't nearly as much effort on application.

I have a few ideas about why this is.  The first is that application makes people get off their ass, quit being keyboard jockeys, and actually do something.  This hurdle alone will eliminate the weak and the unsure. But moreover, I saw something more alarming - People DID NOT know what to do.  They had all this information, but had no idea how to string it together, Step by Step.  And worse off, the more information they had, the less able they were to put the pieces together or take any action on it.  Analysis paralysis indeed!

That's where I decided to step in.  I wanted to create a book that was simple to apply - that if applied in a Step by Step manner, as written - would give the results it said it did.  You follow the steps, you get the result.  From Point A to Point B.  Clear.  Concise.  Effective.

And that's how Get the Girl in 30 Days or Less:  30 Step-by-Step Missions for PUAs, Naturals, and Guys Just Like You to Attract Women and Get Dates was born.  It was born out of a desire to fulfill this need, so that you guys can get started on getting this area of your life handled TODAY.  Not thinking about getting it handled.  Not wondering how to get it handled.  But getting a system that shows you Step by Step how to get it handled, and getting started on doing just that TODAY.

Check out my best-selling book on Amazon.  I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

Till next time,
Josh Maverick

Josh Maverick is a dating and relationship coach and the Founder of Airtight Game.  He runs the acclaimed Platinum Mastermind Program, where he coaches guys just like you through dozens of step by step missions with customized programs, individual feedback, and 24/7 access to coaching.  Find out more about the program here.

How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women

If you're anything like the guys I know, learning how to attract women is something that is near and dear to your heart.  For a lot of guys this skillset is like rocket science -  or even worse, like cryptography, trying to decider secret codes from ancient civilizations to no positive outcome.  Let me put an end to that here. [Read more...]

What is PUA and Dating Coaching?

What is PUA and Dating Coaching?

PUA stands for “pickup artist”.  Pickup Artists are what we used to call guys who would learn the techniques to approach and attract women.  Unfortunately, at lot of the time, the PUA community taught that guys needed to manipulate others in order to get them to do what they want.  Not only is this sketchy, but it wasn’t even that effective.  The new paradigm of dating coaching, which I teach, combines the 4 key values of honesty, integrity, congruence, and presence, along with training in communication and relating.  This allows men to become the best version of themselves that they can be and rise to the occasion in every area of their lives.  And yes, this includes their dating life with beautiful women.

The one thing the PUA community at large did get right, though, is the idea that becoming good with women is a skill you can learn just like any other skill. I’ll repeat that:

Becoming good with women is a skill you can learn just like any other skill

If you learned how to tie your shoes or ride a bike, you can learn how to become successful with women.  This is because this is as much a communication skill with others, as it is a skill of learning to love yourself, accept yourself, and become congruent with yourself.  This site, and overall, my work as a dating coach, is to show you how to both achieve this and to develop the practical skills of relating to people.

Are you ready to make this change now?

Josh Maverick