The Lulu App Sucks and You’re a Bad Person If You Use It

Lulu App

The Lulu app is an app that allows women to post “reviews” of men they’ve dated or slept with by integrating with the Facebook social media platform.  We all know hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the folks that turn to the Lulu app are no exception.  As with most review apps and review sites, most people only post a review when they have had a bad experience.  Yes, some people really do get off on the mere act of posting reviews of places positive or negative  - Yelpers, I’m looking at you - but most of the time, when someone posts a review, they’re pissed.  And the reviews on the Lulu app are scathing.

From guys that were too cheap with their date, to guys with small penises, to guys that just struggle with the ups and downs of relationships (read: all people), it’s all out there on the Lulu app, in the open, just a mouse click away.  Men are given hashtags such as #CheaperThanABigMac and #TotalFuckingDickhead.  The app is rife with judgment and negativity and is an overall lame thing to even exist.  Does this surprise me in the internet age, where people post links to snuff scenes and egg people on to kill themselves on online forums for fun?  No.  But I’m calling on a higher collective consciousness here.

Judgment, resentment, and revenge are very low level vibrational states of consciousness.  And negativity only breeds more negativity.  If I were to be judged by what women in my past said, particularly the more scornful ones, I might not have a very good profile.   And if you were judged by your least favorite dates or exes you probably wouldn’t have a very good profile either.  We would all have shitty profiles, because we’ve all made mistakes.

It is not fair to hold people to standards they’ve operated at far in the past.  People change.  People grow.  All the time.  Even if it doesn’t look like it.

It is not kind to publicly humiliate people for being human, for making simple mistakes in relationships between beings that are inherently marked by imperfection.  It is not aligned with love.  And it certainly is not very feminine.

I’ve already called men out to live to a higher standard.  Now it’s time to call women out.

Women, you’re better than this.  You are better than wallowing in misery, self-pity, and judgment.  You are better than berating and humiliating partners that in nearly all cases are good men that may have had temporary lapses of judgment.  And you are better than acting out as a hurt little girl that stokes the fires of anger and resentment and adds more senseless energy to the collective pain body that we all experience.  You’re better than using something like the Lulu app.  So don’t.

If you want to experience what someone is really like, find out firsthand.  Open your heart to the world and put it all on the line.  It’s the only thing you can do for love.  It’s the only thing you can do for truth.  You have to step into your own love.  You have to find your own truth.  And you can only do that by direct experience.  Not by reading the bitter words of your newest prospect’s ex-girlfriend on a hate site.

The title of this is “The Lulu App Sucks and You’re a Bad Person If You Use It.”  Now that’s not entirely true.  I don’t believe that there are good people and that there are bad people in the world.  But I do believe that there are good behaviors and that there are bad behaviors.  And the behaviors of judgment, revenge, and humiliation only make the world a worse place.  They only create negativity and take value.  They never creature positivity and add value.  They contribute to the collective suffering of the world, and they diminish the light of consciousness that is within us all, that light that wants to thrive and struggles to burn more brightly.  And if we put that light out the world will be dark.  In the words of the great teacher Mahatma Gandhi, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

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