How to Handle Alpha Males, AMOGs, and Other Guys when out Meeting Women

Alpha Males

The vast majority of the time, when you go out to meet women, you'll find them in groups of people.  This is especially true if you're going out to meet women in nighttime environments like bars or clubs.

Some of those groups are going to have guys in them.  And some of those guys are not going to be sure how to react to you, another alpha male, approaching their group.  This can be a really cool experience, based on exchanging mutual value or respect - or it can be handled terribly.  How you act and react plays a big part in whether or not you end up making an ally that can help you get to know a new woman, or an enemy that will make things very uncomfortable for everyone involved.

In today's post I'm going to share with you exactly how to deal with Alpha Males, AMOGs, and other guys when out meeting women.

The system I use is called the BID Model (TM).  BID stands for:



Destroy value

In general, you want to first try to befriend the guy in the group.  If he's not having it, or you don't feel he'll be receptive to it in the first place, you want to ignore him.  Just cancel him out of your reality, like he doesn't even exist.  As a last resort, you'll want to destroy his value.  This doesn't mean get into an altercation or do anything stupid, but rather, communicate that he "just doesn't get it" so as to have his value, and his ability to mess your game up, plummet.


Watch the video on How to Handle Alpha Males, AMOGs, and Other Guys:


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