Grow Your Game by Assessing Your Sticking Points

Grow Your Game By Assessing Your Sticking Points

Grow Your Game By Assessing Your Sticking Points

It’s time to take an assessment of where you’re at in game, what you’ve learned this year, and what you’re having difficulty with.  Why is an assessment important?

An assessment is important because quite frankly, this game is tough.  And even though we call it “a game”, it’s not really a game – it’s your life.  And while New Years resolutions aren't the only times for assessments, it's a damn good start.

Your dating life over the last year has had ups and downs.  It’s just how these things go.  Hell, even in long term relationships there are ups and downs.  It’s just the way these things go.

If you’re to grow from the experiences you’ve had in your life, you have to reflect on them.  You need to see what’s working for you, what’s not, and what you can change to truly get the results you desire.

You’re going to take an honest look at your sticking points here.  Answer the following:

  • What are you having trouble with?
  • At what point in the model does the set fall apart?
  • Are you not getting phone numbers?
  • Are you getting phone numbers but gaffing the phone calls?
  • Are you getting phone numbers and not calling at all?
  • Are you having trouble with dates?
  • Are you having trouble with closing?
  • What do you wish went differently this year that could have gone better?

Now think about everything you’ve learned in game thus far.  You probably know more than you think you know.  The trick is applying it.

If your problem is a lack of knowledge on the subject, then obtain some more knowledge.  There are plenty of sources of good information out there.  Since you’re reading this on the Airtight Game blog, you can start here, with the articles and videos I’ve posted for free.

From there, you need application.  The only person that can apply this to your life is you.  You may need some help along the way, and we offer that, but you need to make a commitment to YOU.  That’s how this stuff works.  That’s how real growth happens.

Now that we’ve gotten the big picture view fully fleshed out, let’s get granular.  Rate your proficiency in the following areas on a scale of 1 to 10:

  • Body Language
  • Eye Contact
  • Vocal Tonality
  • Vocal Intensity
  • Vocal Pacing
  • Dress Style
  • Opening
  • Getting a girl attracted to you
  • Telling stories
  • Qualifying a girl
  • Leading
  • Building comfort with a girl
  • Seeding bounces
  • Bouncing
  • Getting phone numbers
  • Following up with phone numbers
  • Getting dates
  • Closing dates
  • Physical escalation
  • Moving a girl and logistics

For each of these that are less than a 10, write one thing you can do to make yourself stronger.  Then choose ONE of these areas to work on, and try the improvement you’ve written the next time you’re out.

Repeat as necessary.

Admitting to needing improvement in an area isn’t weakness, it’s strength.  When you can look at yourself objectively and determine what you need to do to take things to the next level, you’ve gained a level of mastery over yourself that you previously didn’t have before.  Repeat this process as needed and I promise you’ll be on your path to getting better with women and you will Become Your Best Self ™.  All the best in the coming year with your New Years resolutions, and may you have the health, happiness, and fulfillment you desire.

- Josh Maverick of Airtight Game

Josh Maverick is the Founder and Executive Dating Coach at Airtight Game.  He runs the acclaimed Platinum Mastermind Coaching program at Airtight Game.

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