Atlanta Nightlife: The Best Places to Go Out in Atlanta to Pick Up Girls

Atlanta Nightlife

Atlanta Nightlife


Atlanta is one of my favorite places in the world to go out and pick up women. While our signature Online PUA Training is available worldwide, we have a lot of thanks to give to the Dirty South. Atlanta is where Josh Maverick of Airtight Game is currently based and Atlanta nightlife has treated us well. There is no shortage of Atlanta night clubs, bars, or attractions in Atlanta. And no matter what your scene is, it seems Atlanta has something for everyone. So without further ado, here are the best places to go out in Atlanta to pickup girls if you’re an Atlanta PUA or just here on a weekend trip:


5. Vanquish / Reign

Relative newcomers to the Atlanta nightclubs scene, Vanquish and Reign have really made a mark on Atlanta nightlife in the last couple of years. These two clubs are located side by side to one another and often sport a lot of cross traffic. While there is nothing too special about these clubs, you’ll find the usual things you’d expect at a club – hot girls, loud music, and stiff drinks. Plus, being relatively new to the city, these night clubs still have a lot of buzz going for them. Gentlemen, get ready to party.


4. Cosmolava

Cosmolava has been on the list of must visit Atlanta night clubs for years and for good reason. It’s located right in the center of midtown, has an inexpensive cover, and has a huge layout with a variety of different types of environments. There’s several lounges spread throughout this 3-story megaclub, as well as three dancefloors to really get things poppin. There is also a bar on the central patio that brings in a bit of the bar feel too if that’s more your thing. With a variety of environments to choose from within this one night club, Cosmolava is sure to please.


3. Moondogs / Hole in the Wall / Peachtree Tavern

This trio of Atlanta bars is located in the Buckhead area on Peachtree street and caters to a largely college crowd. If you’re college aged or looking to meet college girls, this is a great place to go. Peachtree Tavern often has live bands play at the bar, and Moondogs has a lot of different game areas including pool, darts, and flip cup. They’ve also got free popcorn! If the bar scene is your thing, you’ll love this trio of Atlanta bars.


2. Mother / Church / Edgewood Area

Maybe you’re feeling like a bit of a hipster tonight? Then grab your skinny jeans and your oversized glasses and head to Edgewood. These Atlanta bars have a definite dive atmosphere to them, yet they come off as unique instead of cheap. They’re an incredibly fun place to go out to and they cater to a very diverse crowd. You’ll see girls with pink hair, tattoos, and piercings side by side with girls in cocktail dresses. Edgewood’s got a mix of everything with a hipster flair, so give these bars in Atlanta a shot if you’re feeling edgy.


1. Havana Club

What can be said about the crown jewel of the Atlanta night clubs circuit that hasn’t already been said? Havana Club has it all – three music environments (Top 40, House, & Latin), a cigar bar with walk in humidor, and the obligatory valet service with exotic sports cars at the entrance. Entry and drinks are reasonable and the music isn’t deafening like in some other megaclubs. Havana attracts a wide age range and demographic of guests, so don’t be surprised to see 22 year olds partying with 45 year olds. If you’re looking for night clubs in Atlanta, then Havana Club is what you’re looking for.


These are some of the best places to go out in Atlanta to pick up girls. They’re where I’ve had the most success as an Atlanta PUA. Remember, if you need help learning how to become your best self and how to attract women, check out our online pua training. You can do it anywhere in the world, not just in Atlanta, so you can finally get your dating life handled once and for all!

Till next time,
Josh Maverick

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