Airtight Game Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some reviews and testimonials showing the long term success our training program has to offer.

Charles' Review

What Charles had to say about Josh as a coach:

“Josh is very passionate about what he does, he sincerely and genuinely wants to help people out… he’s really helped me out in a lot of situations and I’m very grateful to know him.”

What Charles had to say about the Airtight Game program:

“It’s more than just being able to connect with people, or women. It’s all about your LIFESTYLE. Changing your life. Making yourself a better person… and being able to stand up for what you believe in without fear.”

Charles from Alabama, Mastermind Member


Eric's Review

How the Airtight Game program helped Eric get the start he needed:

“I was interested in this kind of thing before, I wanted to get out there, I wanted to meet some women… I just didn’t really know quite where to start.  I read some things online, I looked around, but getting out there in the field really helped me get going and I’m not sure if I would have got it off the ground otherwise.”

The results Eric got after taking the Airtight Game Program:

“On the program I did some things I didn’t think I could do… and then over the next 6 months, really seeing some RESULTS like dates, meeting new people… it opened up a lot of stuff for me… I’ve been in a relationship for a little over a year and a half now, it’s great and EXACTLY what I wanted.”

“I wish I had done it SOONER and not believed that I could just do it by reading something or whatever thing you want to do to avoid putting yourself out there.  What you want to do is get in there and get some DIRECT guidance from someone that knows what they’re doing.  I feel like I really wasted some time not doing it that way beforehand and not getting involved with you earlier.”

Eric from New York, Program Alumni


Greg's Review

Greg’s experience of the Airtight Game Program:

“I found it to be very, very helpful.  When I started the program I had trouble talking to girls like AT ALL… since enrolling in your program, I’ve DEFINITELY gotten a lot more comfortable doing it. And it’s actually a lot of FUN!  Which is something I never really viewed it as before.”

“If you have a lot of initial fear about just going up and talking to girls you don’t know, this program will DEFINITELY help you get started on overcoming that very quickly.”

Greg from Georgia, Mastermind Member


Ishmel's Review

How Ishmel got over his ex with the Airtight Game program:

“I started with Maverick when I broke up with my ex.  I contacted you and you were very supportive and you were willing to help… you came up with a plan to help me out and you just took the time out and reached out to me.”

“My favorite thing is you always being there.  Whenever I needed you, or if a situation occurred, I could always message you and you would respond to me right away.  You wouldn't take days or months.  You’d respond immediately or when you said you would.”

“You have nothing to lose.  You always have access to the coaches and they’re always there to answer any one of your questions.  They’re eager to help you and they actually listen to what it is that YOU want and they take the time out for you.  Thanks A LOT for your help!”

Ishmel from the Virgin Islands, Program Alumni


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