About Airtight Game

About Airtight Game

Airtight Game is a coaching company that helps men develop the communication skills to enjoy healthy & successful relationships.  We teach men how to communicate their real personalities without lying, manipulating, or misleading, in order to build genuine attraction with the women they meet.  We primarily do this through our online training program.  In this way, we hope to serve the world by bringing the opposite sexes together in greater harmony.


About Josh Maverick

Josh Maverick is a dating and lifestyle coach based out of Atlanta, Georgia and Tucson, Arizona.  He believes that you can Become Your Best SelfTM through making a conscious commitment to growth and by undertaking personal and social freedom exercises designed to expand you as a man.  He also believes that by communicating that best self through Integrity GameTM – the combination of the 4 key values of honesty, integrity, congruence, and presence along with training in communication and relating – you can rise to the occasion in every area of your life.  Josh has been in the game for over a half decade and is the Founder and Executive Dating Coach at Airtight Game.


Josh's Story

I never used to be good with women. In fact, I used to be prone to the month(s) long "dry spells" that I'm sure you know far too much about. When I did find a girlfriend, I usually settled, and even then, I didn't keep her very long.

The last girl, before that tipping point, crushed me. We had been friends for years. She always had a boyfriend who she wasn't really into and was giving me all the signals. But I had no clue how to read them. Awhile later she moved across the country and dumped her boyfriend. I flew out to visit her, and well, we had a really good time. She was the hottest girl I had ever been with in my entire life. I was in heaven. But as our time together wore on, she saw the deeper, flawed elements of a naturally unattractive individual. After that time we spent together, she never returned my phone calls, emails, or texts. I never heard from her again.

This crushed me. I went into a state of depression for months, wondering what I did wrong and how I could fix this. As the sting of being snubbed grew less and less, I became curious as to how I even landed this girl in the first place. I mean, I was always outgoing and friendly, but I had NO GAME. I wanted to be able to have sexual choice - I wanted to be able to see a beautiful woman, have the confidence and competence to attract her, and be able to establish a relationship with her. But I had no idea what to do.

So I went out of my house, since I realized that no girl was going to magically show up there waiting to be taken. I decided to approach women, and lots of them, everywhere. Over the course of a many months I randomly approached complete strangers in bars, clubs, coffee shops, malls, bookstores, and even the supermarket. I went out at least 5 days a week and had a stretch where I was going out every night for weeks. I literally approached hundreds of beautiful women.

I also studied dating science intensively. I'm not going to lie - I was obsessed. I would read books on evolutionary biology, sociology, psychology, and dating science for hours. A typical day would be to read up on this area for about 8 hours a day and then go out for about 4 hours at night and test everything I'd learned. After awhile, I started to get decent.

I found some guys in my community that were going out and practicing stuff similar to the dating science I was reading and practicing. I worked with and picked the brains of some absolutely brilliant and successful people. I got better.

I eventually got to the point where I was having daily epiphanies on dating science and human social interaction. I was dating models, dancers, and the quintessential "girl next door". Things got crazy, real crazy.

I was enjoying it, but things were getting out of hand, and I was losing sight of why I got into self development in the first place.

I eventually realized that I was no happier than I was before.  I had women in my life, but it felt cheap, and I was still deeply unhappy.  I also had developed some habits and addictions in the  meantime that were truly destructive.  It came to a head one cold winter night.  Something had to give.

At that point I found out about meditation, presence, and congruence.  I went off to a 2 week silent meditation camp, learned energy work, worked with a life coach of my own, and really revamped my life all over again.  And everything changed.

I could still go out into the world and influence it to my desires - but I was unattached to the outcome, adding genuine value to the people that I met, honoring and loving myself, and truly leaving others better than I found them.  This, I found, is what this journey is all about.  My aim, now, is to share this renewed vision with you so that you can attract women to your real personality with integrity so that everyone wins.


Why Train with Airtight Game?

We all know that men and women want to meet one another. Everyone can agree on that. Men want women of beauty and substance in their lives, and women want confident, naturally attractive men in their lives.

Understanding human interaction, how attraction works, and understanding the social matrix will allow you to make great strides in many areas of your life- your job, your friends, and your family- this extends to much more than success with women, although that is the integral focus of our program.

Becoming good with women is a skill you can learn just like any other skill. Read that line again. It's powerful. In fact, it changed my life.

Listen, I've been there. Home alone on a Friday night. No one's picking up their phone. There's not a girl in sight.

I was so sick of it, that I went out on a mission: to approach hundreds of random, beautiful women, and figure this out once and for all. After literally hundreds of hours in bars, nightclubs, bookstores, coffee shops, and even the supermarket, I've figured it out- And I’d like to share it with you personally.

  • Are you frustrated with your current lack of success with women?
  • Are you clueless about how to attract the women you want?
  • Do you ever “run out of things to say”?
  • Do you wish you had control over the women that stumble into your dating life?
  • When you find yourself with a woman is it a random occurrence?
  • When you find yourself with a woman, are you settling?
  • Do you feel like those hot women are “out of your league”?
  • Do beautiful women intimidate you, and do you wish you could approach women anytime, anywhere?

If you’ve experienced any of these frustrations, then our online coaching program is for you.

If you want to live in romantic abundance, have unlimited options with women, and surround yourself with beautiful women, give yourself the chance to succeed by joining our online coaching program.  I personally promise to completely alter your reality of what kind of success you think is possible with women.